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                                        GARY LEY?is a Vancouver native with 30 years of public affairs expertise in a variety of industries.

                                        He has been an executive with major nadian and international professional service firms and founded his own practice to focus on providing counsel to a core group of sector-leading clients.

                                        Gary’s work has been recognized by awards from the nadian Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communitors. He has spoken at the Banff School of Advanced Management, the Amerin Marketing Association, and the MBA programs at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of lgary.

                                        He has provided expertise in interviews with dozens of news media including CBC, Global, the Globe & Mail, the Vancouver Sun, Time magazine, the National Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Associated Press.

                                        Gary has managed the communitions of more than 100 crises from product rells and plant closings to workplace fatalities and activist mpaigns. He has trained more than 400 executives in media and presentation skills. He has worked extensively in natural resources, telecommunitions, food services, and transportation and with First Nations and organized labour.

                                        Gary believes it is important to give back to the community; he has worked on mpaigns with Vancouver Opera, the Vancouver Symphony, Arts Umbrella, nuck Place Children’s Hospice, and the Central City Foundation.

                                        “Public Affairs is advancing a specific and strategic objective by harnessing communitions and managing the interaction with government and other vital audiences.”

                                        “Public Affairs is advancing a specific and strategic objective by harnessing communitions and managing the interaction with government and other vital audiences.”


                                        Public Affairs | Issue Management, Crisis Management, Government Relations, Strategic Counsel, Community Relations.

                                        Communitions | Communitions Reviews and Audits, Communitions Planning, Speechwriting, Speaker Training, Corporate Communitions, Merger and Acquisition Communitions.

                                        Media Relations | Media Strategies, News Releases and Media Packages, Media Skills Training.


                                        TEL: 604-787-7467


                                        ADDRESS: 1968 Arroyo Court, North Vancouver BC V7H 1A4

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